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CCTV and Mainline-track-to-Camera

Inspect, assess, monitor.

Using sophisticated, effective camera equipment Clearflo is able to investigate pipe work to locate problematic sites, survey the damage, devise the best course of action, as well as monitor works being completed from start to finish.


See what some of our past camera inspections have found in clients' pipe work without the need for excavation or digging.

Pre-work Inspection: Cracked Drain

Using CCTV/Mainline track-to-camera technology, a serious crack was found in underground pipe work at a job-site. Then, with our relining equipment, the crack was able to be mended with the host resin mold, thereby solving the problem without any further excavation.

Blocked/aged Sewer line

By putting our cameras through this client's pipe work, the Clearflo team were able to assess the extent of the issue and implement a solution, which in this case was a relining. See the results ...

Post-job Inspection

Our CCTV equipment is also used to inspect jobs once completed. Believe it or not this is the same pipe as the previous job after having a reline performed. What a difference!