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Plumbing and Maintenance

Plumbing & Maintenance

We offer prompt, efficient and quality workmanship for all your domestic and industrial plumbing and maintenance needs. Covering everything from plumbing fixtures, to hot-water systems, drain blockages, repairs to tapware and toilets, as well as servicing and commissioning backflow prevention devices and thermostatic mixing valves, Clearflo will strive to find a solution to any plumbing issue.
Using our fleet of fully-equipped trucks and highly skilled tradesman, we are able to address the problem with the most appropriate and effective means possible, with a host of options available including camera inspections and no-dig pipe repairs. 

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Available Services

Hot-water system

Stay Comfortable
We provide supply and installation and maintenance of hot water systems including installation and maintenance of SUPAKWIK Boilers and Chilling Units.

Drain Cleaning/Blockages

Quick Solutions
Clearflo Specialised Services has the proper equipment and experience to locate and clear your blockage and provide a quotation to repair.

Camera inspection

Professional Service
On carrying out a drain camera inspection, you can easily diagnose and pinpoint your problems which take out all the guess work and spending of unnecessary money.   This can save you time and give you peace of mind.

Backflow and TMV testing

Professional Service
Our licenced, Backflow and TMV endorsed plumbers can service, commission and replace valves.  This service includes the submission of Council paperwork on a 12 monthly basis as required by law.